Terms of Service


Use of this Application

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) define the terms and conditions which are required for use of Resus Days (this “Application”), provided by Rath Panyowat. Please carefully read and understand these Terms. These Terms apply to all actions pertaining to the download, installation and use of this Application. By downloading, installing or using this Application, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms.


All intellectual property rights to this Application, including but not limited to applicable copyrights, are reserved by Rath Panyowat. You may not analyze, alter, reprint, copy, reproduce or adapt this Application, or assign, sell, distribute, transfer or lend the same.

Data Usage Charges

This Application may connect you to networks regardless of your operation. In such cases, you are wholly responsible for any data usage charges incurred. You are also wholly responsible for any data usage charges incurred by downloading this Application or any updates.


Due to the digital nature of the contents of this Application, no cancellations, returns, refunds, exchanges, etc., will be allowed once you complete a purchase of medals, items, etc.

Changes to this Application

Rath Panyowat may modify, upgrade, or perform maintenance on this Application, or cancel or discontinue the services thereof without notice and without your consent.

Copying or Transferring this Application

This Application can be used only on the mobile device to which it was downloaded. It may not be copied or transferred to other mobile devices regardless of reason, including change of device model.

Limitation of Liability

Rath Panyowat shall not be liable to you for any delay, interruption or termination of services related to this Application, nor for any communication failure, data loss or other damages related to your use of the Application. Rath Panyowat does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, performance, compatibility or any other matter concerning this Application.

Changes to the Terms of Service

Rath Panyowat reserves the right to change any of these Terms without your consent. In such cases, any and all matters relating to this Application shall be governed by the new Terms.

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