Practice Saving Lives While Playing a Game

Resus Days is a mobile game to help healthcare professionals practice some quick-thinking needed for care of cardiopulmonary emergencies
based on the 2015 Guideline.

Launch Trailer

Gameplay Trailer



The game featured 7 levels. It covered cardiac arrest, bradycardia, tachycardia, and megacode simulation. You are the team leader of the resuscitation team. Your role is to lead the team to successfully return the patient to the normal heart rhythm (normal sinus rhythm).

Cardiac Arrest





Start CPR early to bring back your patient!

Working with your team

Evaluate the patient and learn the guideline by follow the treatment suggestions (can turn off for more challenges).

Provide treatments like casting a magic spell

All commands are from the real-world guideline

Get your treatment performance after the level

Cover the three main algorithms and megacode

Turn on the physician mode for more challenges

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